Beyond supporting Preclinical R&D and Clinical development for PK/PD modeling and analysis, POP-PHARM has branched out to the use of Decision tree analysis combined with Monte Carlo simulation and Real Option Analysis to evaluate stochastically company portfolio.

Business Modeling Expertise includes:

· Quantitative risk analysis to devise management strategies to reduce or ameliorate risk.
· Portfolio analysis optimization using Monte Carlo simulation combined with decision theory and real option analysis.
· Stochastic NPV analysis using both sensitivity and Monte Carlo Analysis.
· Business software development tools to improve quantitative aspects of project management
· Conjoint analysis
. Optimize product designs
· Analyze price sensitivity
· Bundle product and service features
· Optimize brand strategy
· Improve product line planning

This approach is useful to:

- balance optimally the different projects across the company

- prevent with high probability the company to remain without financial resources

- provides a better long range forecast of the company financial future


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